How It Works

Pay Per Call Performance Based Advertising Network
We Take ALL the Risk!
You Only Pay for New Customer Inquiry Phone Calls!

Growing Your Business is as Easy as 123!

Step 1:

We Create Your Company a Micro-Site and Micro-Mobile Landing Page

Upon registering with we will provide you with a micro-site and micro-mobile landing page. These will be used to promote your business. They have been tested, optimized and proven to drive the most phone calls when compared to typical websites. These micro-pages are tagged with "no-follows" and are programmed so that they do not interfere with your existing SEO, or Local website placements or rankings.

Step 2:

Bulk Purchasing Distribution

Next we utilize our "Bulk Purchasing Power" to distribute your new local website and new mobile landing page across our network of over 100 online mobile directories including Google search, the online Yellowpages and more! Our large corporate partnerships allow us to advertise your company at a fraction of the cost that it would take you to go to these places on your own.

Step 3:

Only Pay for New Customer Inquiry Phone Calls!

We put our money where our mouth is. That is why you only pay for qualified phone calls from new customers. That means you never pay for calls from existing customers, solicitors, referrals, wrong numbers or any other type of call that cannot potentially grow your business! On top of having human operators who listen to all calls to ensure premium quality control, we also have a live call center service who will capture and send you leads in real time for when you are unable to answer the phone!


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